Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Taylee (as an albino ferret) and I exploring the world of
Motorbiking, Tiny-style.
So Taylee and I have been introduced to a world that was a long time in coming.  We both have our issues with RL and rely on Second Life as an escape, and these little critters supply EXACTLY the kind of diversion we need.  They're cute.  They're cuddly.  They're ever so slightly dysfunctional!

Pirate Cranston (Yeah, we're still doing that, even as tinies)
and Taylee on our Tiny galleon at Marathon Caye.
After a number of trial Tiny choices, I have settled on the ferret, and have done my fair share of "oopsing" (another word for spending lindens) to outfit him.  My Tiny has even got the signature Cranston Yordstorm hair.  I think Taylee has decided on the bunny, though in one of the pics you can see her experimenting with an albino ferret (pink being her favorite color.)

Thanks to our good friend, Druscilla Ferraris, Taylee and I have begun to explore this good-hearted and impish side of Second Life.  We look forward to making new friends, exploring new worlds and gorging ourselves on Peanut Budder and Waffles!!!

Tiny meets human as my friend Jaimes Sharpesworth drops
in to Marathon Caye and we introduce him to the world of

Friday, November 4, 2011

Up In The Air, Jr. Birdman!!!

Okay Okay So clearly I've been lax on blogging about my travels in SL.  Well here is something to remedy that a little.  So, a few mornings ago, I was up early and OOPSING (an affectionate term Taylee and I use for when we make an impulsive extravagant purchase ... lol,) and happened upon a really cool World War II era Aviators cap on market place.  Well, with a little modding to make it my own, I began the elusive search for a nice-looking bomber jacket which I finally found at a store called Lapointe & Bastchild.  They are well textured and come in a fat pack of six colors, as well as a resizer.

Well ... sure as you knew it, the OOPSING began in earnest, as NOW Tay and I needed a suitable aircraft.  My RL father was an airplane pilot and I pretty much grew up with it, fiddling with flight simulators, as well as actually taking to the skies with my father whenever possible.  I've owned a number of SL airplanes and my particular favorites ar ones made by Drusilla Saunders.  So Taylee and I found this GREAT one.  A King Air C90 Sailplane.  This baby's APPOINTED, let me tell ya!  And the realest (at least as real as I'd like to get without actually logging any hours behind the wheel of a REAL C90) aviation experience.