Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Landing in the woods - First Impressions!

The view from the landing point for Whispering Winds - Taken by Cranston Yordstorm
The grind of laying out a design concept for the new Whispering Winds has finally slowed itself, and it is refreshing to take a look out from the land point for the sim and see the fruits of the labor.

Shaylin, my wife, wanted the new look to have a more plush feel than the previous incarnation.  I took plush to mean verdant, textured, where no matter where you looked there would always be a quality object or texture staring you back.  My previous sim design experience lies in the area of forests, mountains and woods, and so I felt it would be a great match.  Well-textured, flowering (and in some cases, billowing in the wind) trees, quality flowers, and a flow from one area to another.

I'm going to attempt to focus on a daily aspect of Whispering Winds, and the companion sim, The Woods Of Marathon Caye, in an attempt to show the builds, landscaping, and activities that make them unique to Second Life.  It is also opportunity to show you, the Second Life public, why these two sims might make a delightful excursion point for your explorations.

So take a gander, and, if you like, experience the sim that is Whispering Winds for yourself, feel free to take pics and please spread the word about this public offering
The geodesic dome the serves as landing point for Whispering Winds - Taken by Cranston Yordstom

Shaylin wanted a building that made a statement when you landed but still afforded an excellent view of the build from the outset.  We've both been fans of the builds from Rebourne.  We chose their build called The Dome. With a minimal amount of modding, we found it to fit in perfectly and provide a central location, with a broad view of the sim through its multi-paned, spherical window design.

Stay tuned for more posts as we explore the many aspects of this new build, and come visit and share your own experiences.  VISIT US AT THIS LINK!!!

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