Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Chuck Qissentell Benefit Concert June 7th, 2017

Hello everyone,

It's been a number of years since I've written, but this is a very important post.  Some of you in the Whispering Windz and Marathon Caye family, and certainly those of you who have attended any concert of the live singer Chandra Deed, will know that a certain member of the family, Chuck Qissentell, has not been with us inworld for several weeks.

This is because Chuck has been battling cancer for this time, and is home now, but the medical bills are piling up and so we at Whispering Windz and Marathon Caye are holding a benefit concert to raise money in order to help alleviate some of this debt.

We will also have thermometer jars out at both landing points for Marathon Caye and Whispering Windz for those who happen to just be dropping in to the region for a visit.  All proceeds from this concert and these tip jars will go directly to Chuck's bills to help defray the cost.

Here are the details of the Concert:

WHEN: Wednesday, June 7th, 2017
PLACE: Windz/162/54/23/


Thursday, March 5, 2015 Monday Meme: Avatar Transformation Challenge.

Missed the meme last week, so I figured I'd better take a stab at this one.  Soo many options in inventory, but to stick to the rules provided quite the challenge.  I had an old man avatar I had created for an event many moons ago (before mesh, to put a time frame on it,) and thought I'd dig it out and dust off the mothballs, so to speak.

Oddly enough, from the draxter videos recently, was the creator of this avatar, Nylon Pinkney .

The avatar is from The Wrigglesworth Residence, but I think it is no longer made.  There are others though, if you ever felt like whipping out the Geritol and the bifocals, and having a ball.  These characters are hilarious.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Have you ever SecondLifed? ... Monday Blog Meme

Once again Monday has reared it's ugly head, and as the east coast digs out of one of the highest snows on record for parts of that area, it's time to thaw ourselves with another of's Monday Memes.

The Have You Ever SecondLifed Meme

The rules?  
Copy and paste the following questions and answers to your post, delete Berry's answers and input your own.
1. Have you ever owned a sim in Second Life?
Yes, Shaylin and I run two regions in Second Life. 

2. Have you ever created content in Second Life?
  – Shaylin has created some mesh clothing items, but I consider myself more a modder than a creator. 

3. Have you ever driven a vehicle in Second Life?
OH GOODNESS yes.  Planes, Boats, Automobiles, Motorbikes you name it.  Numerous times.  

Shaylin and I are members of a flight/sail/adventure group called Wild Blue Yonder. 

4. Have you ever gone sky diving in Second Life?
Yes! As part of a Wild Blue Yonder event.
5. Have you ever played a sport in Second Life? 
Shaylin and I used to have a race track on Marathon Caye, and she and I would race there frequently. 

6. Have you ever gone clubbing in Second Life? 
Shaylin YES ... ME, Probably more than i would care to admit. 
7. Have you ever fangirled/fanboyed someone in Second Life?

8. Have you ever taken a picture of your avatar in water in Second Life? 
OH yes ... who hasn't?!? Here's one taken just a few weeks ago.
9. Have you ever taken a picture of a sunset in Second Life?
Just last week in fact! 

10. Have you ever taken a nude picture of your avatar in Second Life?
 Ummm ... Yes!

11. Have you ever dated in Second Life?

12. Have you ever had or attended a wedding in Second Life?
  Shaylin and I, while we are partnered and consider ourselves married, have not had a formal ceremony.  We are waiting until we tie the knot in RL.  We have attended, and I have performed for a number of weddings and receptions.

13. Have you ever drank, smoked or taken drugs in Second Life?
 Shay and I have both played around with smoking and drinking in SL.

14. Have you ever engaged in sexual activity in Second Life?
  NOOOO! No! NO! NoNoNoNoNo! no no no no no yes!

15. Have you ever been to Bukkake Bliss in Second Life?
  What an odd question?  Neither Shaylin nor myself remember going there.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Inspiration Recreation

Strawberry Singh's blog post, Inspiration Recreation, made focus on a blogger/photography challenge by Arora Zanzibar.  Recreate an RL photograph in SL.
I think I did a pretty decent job for my first time out.  The RL pic is from Arora Zanzibars SL Inspiration Recreations pinterest board.  Since it needed an industrial setting with a lot of windows, a logical setting was Shaylin's and my hangar dwelling, in the fly-in community/adventure group, Wild Blue Yonder.  The base pose is by webmistrex Xue, Amwall _m01.  I used the Amimare hud to adjust it.  Briefs are by DUFAUX, called TMP brief no1 sporty black/white.  The body is the deluxe male from TMP.  The hair is from Armidi, The Ibiza (Mocha.)

The building is by Fanatik Architecture, called ERA.

Here's the RAW file.

Monday, February 2, 2015 Monday Meme: Motivational Poster Meme.

Continuing on the Monday meme challenger put forth by Strawberry Singh, this week the idea of a motivational poster was put forth.  You can find her original blog entry here: Second Life Motivational Meme.

Simple Rules:
Meme instructions: Create a motivational poster using any image from Second Life with some motivating words about Second Life.

The words I chose are words that Shaylin uses at the end of every concert or DJ event she does, and they are simple but powerful.  They are also not exclusive to Second Life, but should be used as a part of every aspect of a persons life.
You never know what tomorrow will bring, so always live in the present.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Movie Character Meme

Continuing the Monday blog memes that Strawberry Singh weekly challenges us with, this week was called Movie Character Meme.  Shaylin and I love the classic film Casablanca, so we decided to recreate the last scene with Ilsa and Rick before she and Victor fly off into the sunset.
This is taken at Tsurington Aerodrome, a gorgeous art deco airport (even though not much of the art deco comes through in the pic.)  The plane is a DC3 Skytrain from Adventure Air.  And Shay and I are dressed to the nines in vintage garb.

Shaylin is dressed in a Hillary Grant suit and I am in a trenchcoat from Hoorenbeck.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Scavenger Hunt 101: Item #20: A Beach.

Continuing the Scavenger Hunt 101 search.  Here's #20, A Beach.  This is part of the Whispering Windz region in Second Life, and its our hidden beach, featuring loads of cuddle spots, including some really well done off-sim opportunities.  Enjoy the natural setting, and perhaps do a little whale watching.

The rules?


1. You must submit one photo per item. One photo cannot represent multiple items.

2. The photo must be of the assigned item, no subsitutions are allowed. However, creative thinking is encouraged.

3. The list item number and description must be in the title and/or the description

4. Tag each item with "Scavenger Hunt 101" and the item number in the following format "sh 38".

(for an example of appropriate tagging/labeling go here.)

5. The Self Portrait must be your final photo (#101), the rest can be taken out of order.

6. All photos must be taken after you have joined the group. No archival photos allowed.

7. All photos must be your own. This means you must be the one to press the shutter release button.

8. Photo-shopping is allowed.

9. No nudity (It just makes the group easier to administer & makes it more apealling to a wider audience).

1. Boat without a motor
2. Home of a non-human creature
3. A flag other than your native country's
*  4. Waterfall (01/25/2015)
5. Rain
6. Winter
7. A puddle
8. An abandoned building/ruin
9. A junk car
10. An extravagant food
11. A handmade for sale sign
12. A cliche
13. Someone wearing polka dots
14. A locally owned store (non-chain)
15. A toy
16. A cat
17. Fire
18. A child laughing
19. Inside a foreign food restaurant
*  20. A beach (01/26/2015)
21. A flying machine
22. Your bed
23. A flower
24. A map
25. An extravagant drink
26. A car with a flat tire
27. A live performance
28. An absurd predicament
29. A motorcycle
30. A person having a bad hair day
31. Sunset
32. Spring
33. A locally owned restaurant (non-chain)
34. A police car
35. Your Vacuum or Broom
36. Someone meditating or praying
37. A work of art
38. A national holiday celebration (a holiday that celebrates a nation, such as 4th of July or Canada Day)
39. Your favorite food
40. Fall/Autumn
41. Someone you love
42. A tattoo
43. A sporting event
44. A knick-knack / bric-a-brac
45. A fish
46. An ambulance
47. A place of worship
48. The tallest building in your town/village/city
49. Your favorite color
50. Somewhere you feel uncomfortable
51. A commercial truck
52. Graffiti
53. An insect or arachnid
54. A stamp
55. Someone with bare feet
56. A bookshelf
57. Something that represents your country or region
58. Money
59. A billboard/sign
60. A bridge
61. The utilization of an alternative energy source
62. A public display of affection
63. A kitchen appliance
64. A water source
65. A bicycle
66. A dog
67. Barbequed or grilled food
68. Something rusty
69. A beast of burden
70. Construction equipment
71. Summer
72. A fire engine
73. Sunrise
74. Food growing
75. Your most comfortable place to sit
76. Wind
77. Wrinkles
78. A musical instrument
79. An exotic animal (use your judgment)
80. Your favorite shade-tree
81. The place where you bathe
82. A statue
83. Your camera
84. The place where you eat most your meals
85. Your favorite pastime/hobby/interest
86. A shadow
87. An interesting sky
88. A license plate
89. A tool
90. A road sign
91. Something dirty (as in a "white horse fell in the mud" not sexual)
92. Something clean (as in "it got washed off again" not sexual)
93. A train
94. An interesting or unusual rock
95. A traffic signal/a traffic control device
96. An interesting view
97. A method of communication
98. Your favorite article of clothing
99. A child crying
100. A funny hat
101. A self portrait (must be final submission)