Monday, February 9, 2015

Inspiration Recreation

Strawberry Singh's blog post, Inspiration Recreation, made focus on a blogger/photography challenge by Arora Zanzibar.  Recreate an RL photograph in SL.
I think I did a pretty decent job for my first time out.  The RL pic is from Arora Zanzibars SL Inspiration Recreations pinterest board.  Since it needed an industrial setting with a lot of windows, a logical setting was Shaylin's and my hangar dwelling, in the fly-in community/adventure group, Wild Blue Yonder.  The base pose is by webmistrex Xue, Amwall _m01.  I used the Amimare hud to adjust it.  Briefs are by DUFAUX, called TMP brief no1 sporty black/white.  The body is the deluxe male from TMP.  The hair is from Armidi, The Ibiza (Mocha.)

The building is by Fanatik Architecture, called ERA.

Here's the RAW file.

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