Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Movie Character Meme

Continuing the Monday blog memes that Strawberry Singh weekly challenges us with, this week was called Movie Character Meme.  Shaylin and I love the classic film Casablanca, so we decided to recreate the last scene with Ilsa and Rick before she and Victor fly off into the sunset.
This is taken at Tsurington Aerodrome, a gorgeous art deco airport (even though not much of the art deco comes through in the pic.)  The plane is a DC3 Skytrain from Adventure Air.  And Shay and I are dressed to the nines in vintage garb.

Shaylin is dressed in a Hillary Grant suit and I am in a trenchcoat from Hoorenbeck.

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  1. Oh man, not even gonna lie, I totally love this movie and cried at this scene lol. Great job you guys!