Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Strawberry Singh's Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge

HOORAY!  And just in time for a fresh start in 2015.  Strawberry Singh has begun her meme challenges anew!!  Here's a link to her page with the current challenge. Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge

And the following is my submission.

I found this challenge more amusing because I remember some of the train wreck yearbook photo's from my youth (YEAH!  Who DOESN'T?!)  Dreading the lineup, the awkward posing, the photographer who CLEARLY had no business being there in a professional manner.  And the inevitable horror show that was the awful result, more often than not, bought in multiple forms by your parents and distributed post haste, regardless of your protests.

This particular photo captures some of those memories, including the "you're going to be wearing that?" outfit you have because no one told you, or you forgot, or you arrived late and were dragged unceremoniously in from of the camera. 

Oddly enough, my hair is similar to yearbook photos I've taken from 1980's high school.

The smile is using the Anypose pose hud with the 'embarrased' look.  I find that when I use 'smile' or 'toothy smile,' my avatar has the look of a sexual predator.  Using 'embarrassed' opens my eyes up and more than that, opens my face up.


  1. LOL @ sexual predator. Glad I'm not the only one that looks creepy when she smiles. Great pic and thanks for participating. <3

  2. you look slightly embarrassed but more shy...and you do look like Prince Charming (from the musical) lol

    1. Thanks cheri, Shaylin would probably say the same (about looking like Prince Charming.) I'll assume it as a compliment :)