Monday, January 19, 2015 #secondlifeproblems meme

Yet another great meme challenge from Strawberry Singh. #SecondLifeProblems Meme Challenge

Meme Instructions: Create a #SecondLifeProblems meme image. It can be an image of any avatar doing anything in Second Life. Write a Second Life Problem over the image and share your meme on your blog or any social network with the hashtag #SecondLifeProblems.
So Shay and I decided to show our frustration with the dazzlingly detailed foodstuffs in Second Life, and the absolute worthlessness of it in an avatars everyday Second Life.

For what it's worth, the table is from The Edge  and is called "Be Merry" Holiday table.  Good eating, Second-lifers!!!


  1. it would be nice to be able to feel and smell in second life ...than sex would be your picture....

  2. lol great pic! That turkey really does look yummy though.