Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Strawberry Singh Blog Meme Challenge: The Sartorialist

This week, Strawberry Singh has challenged bloggers to get off their platforms and INTERACT!  Inspired by The Sarotialist, who approaches random people in the street who catch his attention, Berry set out in her latest Meme Challenge, to find a random avatar in Second Life, approach them for a snapshot and get to know them a little bit.

I have always found this to be a challenge of mine, and one that Shaylin, my wife, is always urging us to do.  When She and I first arrived in Second Norway, Shaylin and I set about to meet as many of the residents in this vibrant community.  Time, RL, and other factors, including joining an adventure group called Wild Blue Yonder have caused us to neglect our home region.
Our home in Stranda in Second Norway.  Who WOULDN'T want to live here!

So we mounted our Indian Scout motorbike, and took off from our home in the Stranda region of Second Norway, in search of fellow Second Norwegians.

Not far off the region, scanning my mini-map for strange green dots, we happened upon someone who had only moved into Second Norway a week before, and introduced ourselves to Eilidh McCullough.

Standing next to her snow-covered LAQ Decor Scandinavian Villa, we caught her in the midst of decorating her parcel, and she agreed to come on out, introduce herself to us, extend a friend invitation, and allow us to snap a quick photo.

After a brief conversation, we learned that she, Shaylin and myself share an interest in Second Life's community of Tiny Creatures, mainly based in the community of Raglanshire. After completing our conversation and saying our goodbyes, we set off along the eastern coastline of Second Norway, in search of another random visit.

A few sims away, we happened on someone I hadn't seen in a number of months (so yes, not a stranger, but certainly someone I had lost contact with.  One of Second Norway's estate managers, Conte Alchemi. 

I had run into Conte a number of times, when Shaylin and I were residents of another combined sim community, just across the Blake Sea to the south, called Sailor's Cove, where Conti also managed estates.  We had a very brief chat with him, and Shaylin was able to introduce herself, and we all shared friend requests.

Hopefully this is the first of many new random encounters in Second Norway, and other areas, as Shaylin and I get back out and interact.  Thanks again to Strawberry Singh for being the catalyst.

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  1. Glad to see you guys getting to know your neighbors! :D Thanks for participating in the challenge. <3