Monday, February 3, 2014

Black & White Portrait Challenge

I've been quite a bit silent on this blog for many reasons, but mostly I believed that I had little to say or to present.  But Strawberry Singh, blogger extraordinaire, has created a series of meme challenges to keep bloggers (and herself, perhaps) on their toes.  I've been quite active on my Flickr account, and had been thinking of taking the plunge one of these times, and today I figured, No time like the present.

So here it is, my answer to Strawberry's Black and White Portrait challenge.  Simple enough, either dress yourself up in black and white and create the pic that way or fiddle around in post-edit to create the B&W pic that way.  I decided to flex some photo-editing muscles (plus I didn't have black and white garb or scenery to create it inworld.

 Here is the image before I took all the color away.  I know, some of you must be sick and tired of me taking images of Shaylin and I together.  I say you're just JEALOUS!!! ;)

I added a white prim behind the sofa, which is by a company called Convair and is part of the February FaMeshed collection, just to add some contrasting background.
Here is the completed black and white image.  I have to say, it took me a little time to figure out how to lose color in the image, but I'm quite pleased with the results.

Keep your eye out for some more entries to this blog, as I get impired by Ms. Singh and her SL-blogging cohorts.

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  1. Very sweet pic, glad you decided to take the plunge into the world of meme-ing!