Saturday, October 1, 2011

Awesome Friday evening!

So last night after doing some maintenance work, Taylee was able to join me at my Friday night concerts. YAY!  First time she hasn't been called in to work on a Friday night in a long time.  First stop, Kimberly Lefavre and Mitch Triellis' Star Bar venue.  Great to see one of the older venues in SL continuing on.  There was an appearance by Hefner and a bunny too!
 Last concert of the evening was at the long standing outdoor venue, Kickin Club.  Equally rewarding is to actually have a reasonable time in the day to actually perform here, special thanks to ScrtsSafe and LilMiss for making this possible.  As always great to see some familiar faces, and to meet some new friends.  And to have my lady accompany me ... Love you, Tay. XOXOXOXO

After wrapping up for the evening, we got a notice that our good friend, Keeba Tammas, was singing at Cheyanne Nowles' Blues Warehouse.  As it's always fun to take in a Keeba Tammas performance, and certainly to take in a new venue, we jumped at the chance.  Keeba, as always, brings high energy with a healthy dash of goofiness to all her performances, and that, my friends, is what makes her special and unique.  The Blues Warehouse, as well, is kicking into full swing after what would appear to be a summer break.  Good to see venues able to manage themselves to be able to give their owners a break, and then be able to kick back into full swing.  Awesome build, Cheyanne, and GREAT LINEUP!  Check this venue out on Friday and Saturday nights.

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