Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Great night of SL performing tonight!

Jazzy Guitar at Charleston Lace
What a great night performing in SL tonight!  Two wonderful venues in Charleston Lace and Bogart's Jazz.

Now, I'll fully admit that I don't play an instrument, (Well, at least not well enough to make it a part of my performances yet,) but I do making it LOOK like I do, and also doing instrument themed shows.

Mellow Piano arrangements at Bogart's Jazz
Tonight at Charleston Lace, I decided to go with a guitar theme.  Lots of high energy Swing, Rockabilly, and Jazz, as well as some Neil Diamond and Eric Clapton.  Bogart's Jazz featured some piano accompaniments, and provided for some more mellow arrangements.

It was GREAT to see a couple of old friends in Amaya Ametza and Christine Haiku.  Good souls and good friends.

Thanks to everyone for braving the SL upgrades and coming on out.  The ONLY thing that was missing terribly from the evening was the lovely lady on the piano, my wife Taylee.  Love you Sweetie. XOXOXOXOXOX.

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