Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fashion?!? From Cranston?!?



I do have particular things I like to wear, and particular things I DON'T like to wear.  Some would call me a prim hog or prim whore, but I'd rather SEE a pocket on the back of my pants and I'd rather see the prim collar or hoody as opposed to having it painted on.  I also like options and fat-packs!

That being said .. if you happen to feel the way I do?  and you're a male on SL, (Or a female looking for something for your male on SL,) perhaps I can be of assistance.

Here's one of my casual looks:

Green Crawler/Hoodie from SEY

Blue/Gray Baseball Shirt from Hoorenbeek

Khaki Cargo Pants from Hoorenbeek

The crawler/sweatshirt comes in many colors, and they even have a fat pack (Did I mention I like fat packs, creators?!) as does the Baseball Shirt.

The Cargo pants come in a combo with Shorts above and below the knee as well.

As for the hair, skin, shape ... I leave you that to figure out on your own.

OH! .... and lately I like to go around barefoot.  But stay tuned for some cool footwear options as well.

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