Sunday, October 2, 2011


As fall begins to work it's way into the midwestern United States, bringing all the brilliant color that comes associated with it (at least in MY neck of the RL woods,) I marvel at the breathtaking scenery changing around me.  I drove 2 1/2 hours to my nieces wedding yesterday, with a lot of things weighing on my mind.  Allowing myself to escape a little into the audiobook I had taken on the trip (I'm in the 4th book in Stephen King's Dark Tower series, and my favorite one, Wizard and Glass,) managed to divert for a while, but after a while, I became even more distracted by the splashes of color peering out from in between the cover of green that sped past me as I drove.  I encountered an odd feeling of the car driving me, as opposed to me driving the car (This happens to me a lot on long trips nowadays, ever since my driving trip out to Seattle in the late 90's for work.)  I felt like a passenger, and this was a not-altogether-uncomfortable feeling.  Fear not, dear reader, eyes were still focused on the road ahead, but they were also acutely aware of the surroundings. So, in my touring vehicle, I enjoyed watching the peculiar, tiny, almost-candy-apple-red splotches as they would poke themselves out of the verdant greenery that was the natural order of things, and as I approached, and as the perspective changed, more of the crimson showed itself, as if willing itself to crawl out of its coat of green.  I love this time of year, particularly for the changes it brings to nature.

When I design the look for The Woods Of Marathon Caye, the sim where Taylee and I call home, (and which is currently open to the public,) a major influence is what I see in RL, and is usually an attempt to recreate that.  Though I did not discover them on my own, I have an appreciation for the design of the trees of Botanical at Straylight for that very reason.

These trees are amazing, with their versatility, well-drawn textures, and attention to detail.  We've dotted The Woods Of Marathon Caye with many of these trees, to denote the change in the season from summer to fall, so if you haven't come to The Woods Of Marathon Caye in a while, and have a yen for the change in seasons, be sure to come on over.  You're in for a treat.  I often find myself designing with a self-serving mindset, which fortunately seems to match Taylee's perfectly.  So many times during the day, rather than log out, I'll just sit myself down on a bench or under a tree and watch the leaves fall (Yes, Botanical trees do that as well in their autumn colors.)  Come On Over and enjoy the autumn at The Woods Of Marathon Caye.

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