Sunday, September 25, 2011

1/4 Homestead Parcel Rental - 937 Prims - L$2000/Week (4 Week Minimum)

In addition to my career as an SL performing artst and venue/Sim owner, I also rent out 1/4 Homestead Parcels.  In the last week, one 1/4 parcel has opened up.  This is a 1/4 Homestead Sim Parcel, with 937 prims (Maximum for a full 1/4 Sim) with a tropical beach theme.  Owned currently by me, but will be sold over for L$0.  New owner has all the rights available on the land (available on the About Land window ... terrain editing, allowed and ban lists, audio/media rights, etc.)

Asking rent is $L2000 per week with a 4 week minimum.  Neighbors are LONG TIME RENTERS and are good solid SL citizens.  LM for the rental box, as well as a standard rental covenant are available on site.


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