Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blessings: Friendships and Relationships

So it is for reasons like this that eventually I would come to create a blog that is more than just a place to announce when my next concert is going to be (I have two coming up later tonight, BTW .. STOP! STOP! Bad Cranston!!)

ahem ...

Anyway ... I just celebrated my 44th RL birthday yesterday, and it was one of the more exciting birthdays I've had in recent years, and it had more to do with the relationships I have created in the past weeks, months and years than any type of reward in the manner of a physical gift.

My relationship with my wife, Taylee, is one I cherish.  It has been the longest I have been connected to someone, and it has more to do with communication than any type physical attraction (but don't misread me, friends, there is major physical attraction ... lol.)  Every day she and I find a place to relax and share things with each other.  I've revealed so much to her.  The innermost secrets that I would only trust to one that I share such a deep connection with.  I also feel a trust from her that is unique.  I feel a huge responsibility to that trust, and would not betray it.

We also have a network of friends that we share.  This is unique from where I started in SL, and certainly from where I started singing in Second Life.  I would never say that singing in SL was strictly business when I first started out, but it was definitely more about exposure for myself than about really making relationships that matter.  I remember someone asking me recently if having a partner in SL (and certainly one that I make no bones about mentioning during my performances,) would diminish the allure of an SL singers impact.  My answer is decidedly no, as those who would be affected by that have plenty of other performers they can listen to.  Meanwhile, Taylee and I have created firm friendships with people who respect a good solid caring relationship.  Most of them are couples, BTW, and there are a few that have met each other at concerts I have presented, a fact I am particularly proud of.

It is a goal of mine, and I daresay Taylee as well, to forge stronger connections with our friends as the days weeks and months go by, and that by doing so, the web of connections grows stronger, wider, and more enriching as I enter into my 45th year of RL existence.  You are, after all, the best birthday gift I have received this year.  A special thanks to those who were able to make it to the party yesterday, and to those who were unable to attend, your presence was felt, and I thank you for your continued friendship and fellowship as well.

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  1. Awww now that's why I am honored & feel fortunate to have you as a friend! Very sweet & kind. My best to you both, today..tomorrow & all the days there after (((hugs))).