Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lots of fun at Grove Stream Park last night.

Dancing with Taylee to Johnny Reid's "Dance With Me" at
Grove Stream Park last night, September 26, 2011.
It was a cool night at Grove Stream Park last night.  Taylee and I arrived 25-30 minutes early to catch Chandra Deed as she wrapped up her concert from 5-6PM.  Super-high energy performer, is Chandra.  Great selection of tunes, and clearly the chop to be able to handle them.

The manager of Lightnin Lowtide, Sandy, was celebrating a birthday, which only ADDED to the festivities.  Super fun when you get to have a birthday party.  Sometimes in RL (especially in later years) birthday parties are simple considered kids stuff.  However, being a gigantic kid, it's a great treat to have a birthday party thrown for you.  Hope you had a happy birthday yesterday, Sandy!

It WOULD seem that adding Johnny Reid's "Dance With Me" was a good choice as a song to add to my set, people love hearing it, and it gives me the perfect opportunity to get up to dance and sing with Taylee.  I love you, lady!

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