Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cranston Yordstorm Birthday Party Pirate Bash!!!!

Hello my friends,

Cranston here!

My RL birthday is TODAY, September 28th, and we're having a pirate party to celebrate.  The Club CTO performances tonight will be moved to the party space, A cool pirate ship we've erected on the Woods Of Marathon Caye grounds.  The party will have a pirate theme, and we'd love as many people to participate in the theme as would like to.

To that end, if you wanted to come, and felt like donning some pirate garb, here is an LM to a place on a sim called Fair Winds, that is basically your one stop shop for pirate gear.

CLICK HERE FOR GK Designs (Pirate Gear LM)

You do not HAVE to come in GK designs pirate gear, and you do not have to come in pirate gear AT ALL.  This is merely a suggestion for ideas for you.  We would love to have you come no matter what.

The artist schedule is the same as any other weekly Club CTO schedule, I'll be singing at 5PM SLT, and BigJim Allerhand at 6PM SLT.

Here's the LM for the location

So come on over tonight!!!  We'z a Birthday to celebrate!!!

Your friend,
Pirate Captain Cranston

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