Monday, September 26, 2011

Chock full day for Cranston!

After a pleasant afternoon spending time with my sweetie, playing (and winning 3 of 4) En Garde with her, and watching the Detroit Lions triumph in overtime against the Vikings (BOO!) my evening was anything but relaxing.

LilMissLara Resident: Arboretum Hostess
Taylee and I introduced our newest staff member to The Arboretum, lilmisslara Resident.  She'll be hosting for DJ WookieChew Muircastle on  Sundays from 3-5PM SLT.  We're very happy to have her aboard!

Taylee joins me on the piano at Palais des Reves Last Night at 4PM SLT
Always excited when my lovely wife, Taylee, can join me at concerts.  Rather than perch herself on the top of my Musical Alchemy grand, she elected to accompany me herself, while I pulled out the ANAM Microphone and serenaded the folks at Palais des Reves from 4-5PM SLT.  Love you, honey! XOXOXO

Taylee and I dancing during her favorite new tune, Johnny Reid's
"Dance With Me" during my 5-6PM concert at The Arboretum.

After Palais des Reves, we rushed back to The Arboretum for my portion of the evenings entertainment.  Always a treat to provide a formal venue for romance on our sim, and also to provide a live music presence.  We don't regret opening up our sim one BIT!!!  Also great to see familiar faces in the crowd.

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